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Our City

Jerusalem is arguably one of the most diverse cities in the world. Being home to some of the most important religious sights, it is regarded a holy city in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It also boasts monuments that preserve the rich human history and remind us of the great empires that ruled this region over the course of centuries.  At the same time, Jerusalem today is a place where different cultures, languages, religions and culinary traditions meet, intermingle and together create a fascinating atmosphere found in no other place in the world. This unique fusion between history and modernity is what makes this city so special.

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Hebrew University

Founded in 1918, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is Israel's oldest and leading academic institution. It is ranked among the top 100 universities worldwide. It stresses excellence and offers a wide array of study opportunities in the humanities, social sciences, exact sciences and medicine. More than 7,000 patents have been registered by the university and among its graduates are 8 Nobel Prize winners. Today, 23,000 students study in the university's six different campuses. JLMUN 2023 will be held at the Mount Scopus campus in Jerusalem, which houses the Humanities and Social Sciences.

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