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Q: Do I require a visa to attend JLMUN 2021?
A: That depends. We advise you to check with the Israeli Embassy in the country of your passport. The embassy can provide you with the most updated visa information. You can find more details via this link of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or via this link to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs detailing information of visa requirements for tourist to Israel.

Q: If I require a visa, what is the process of application?

A: It varies for each country and the bureaucratic channels. We advise you to contact the Israeli Embassy in your country of residence for the proper information and assistance in completing the Visa application.

Q: Should I require a Visa what type should I apply for?

A: To visit Israel for the conference, and possibly a short stay there after / before, you require a B/2 Visa (Tourist Visa). This is a visa granted to individuals seeking to spend a short time / visit in Israel. This Visa is valid for a period of up to three months from its issued date.

Q: If I wish to extend the duration of my stay in Israel beyond the date listed on my visa, what is the process I must undergo?

A: Any visitor, having entered via Visa to Israel, who wishes to extend their stay in Israel is required to submit an official application at an office of the Ministry of Interior

Q: Can the JLMUN 2021 conference aid me in the visa application process?

A: The JLMUN team will be able to assist you, after your paid application via MyMUN has been completed, by providing you with a letter of confirmation. The letter would confirm your acceptance, and intent, to attend the JLMUN 2021 conference between the dates of March 7th-11th, 2021. To receive this letter, please issue a formal request via the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website. However, we highly recommend that you begin and complete the conference registration and visa application process as early as possible to ensure a smooth completion of the process post haste.

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